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Dr. Jerry Perez

How do you compile and submit jobs from workspace. How can you see what is running in the queues?

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    Steven Clark

    Executables run on hardware outside the HUB domain need to be part of installed applications or well established available third party software staged remotely. Or to put it another way users are not allowed to submit arbitrary codes from their home directory for remote execution.

    If you need access to third party software such gromacs, lammps, etc. You should file a ticket requesting said software be installed and made available.

    For applications that you are writing simply follow the standard tool contribution process. Compilers and other common utilities are available in the workspace.

    Jobs are launched on remote resources via the submit command also available in the workspace. For basic information issue the command $ submit —help

    For lists of available tools and execution sites issue commands

    $ submit —help tools
    $ submit —help venues

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