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Siyu Wu

Files downloaded are always damaged or incomplete.

I can’t download the result files to analyse. I used “HUB Utilities->File download”, but the downloaded gzip files are always incomplete. It was like the first time the .gz file was only 200+ MB with a lot files damaged while decompressing. If I wait longer before click “Save as”, the file got larger to about 400+ MB. I waited even longer, the file became 900+ MB, with some of my refinements inside but still not complete. I waited another few minutes, the link just expired. Are there anyway to transfer the data to some other online drives which may be more stable for downloading?

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    Feng Chen

    Hi Siyu,

    Have you tried the File Transfer( tool yet? The tool provides an easy to use GUI for file transferring. Or we can enable the sftp feature for you. Thanks for choosing Diagrid! Kevin Chen

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