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April J Harry

How do I output a .RData file?

I am currently using SubmitR to fit some models which are too computationally intensive for my laptop. After the models are fit on the server, I would like to do some additional manipulation from my laptop. In order to use the variables from my submitR run elsewhere, I saved the global environment as an .Rdata file at the end of my R script. I used the same file name as the .RData file that I imported originally to run the script with. Will this new .RData file export with the rest of my results?

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    Rob Campbell

    Hello and thank you for using SubmitR on DiaGrid! Yes, newly created .RData files are included when you export and download/save files from SubmitR. Just to be sure, I tested by uploading and running the following R script with args set to "99 1": 


    # testSave.R - Read numbers from cmd line, add together, save in named .RData file

    args <- commandArgs(TRUE)  

    inputs  <- args[1:2]

    outputs <- as.numeric(inputs[1]) + as.numeric(inputs[2])  


    After the job ran, I exported from SubmitR and uzipped the files on  my laptop. The "testSave.RData" file was present. I started R and then did: 

    > load("testSave.RData")

    > outputs

    [1] 100

     I hope this helps. Please feel free to send more questions or create tickets if needed. Thanks,

    Rob Campbell

    Research Computing

    Purdue University 



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