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    The Flat Belly Fix is the brain child of a man named Todd Lamb. Todd used to be a cop and SWAT team member. He started researching The Flat Belly Fix when he realized that his wife, Tara, was in a state of despair over the weight she’d gained in the aftermath of a horrible car accident.

    Tara was a police officer like Todd. She’d always been fit and healthy, but after that accident injured her spine, she found herself in pain and unable to work out. She’d gradually gained weight. Every diet she tried led to the kind of boomerang weight loss and gain that many of us recognize. She was at the end of her rope.

    Todd had the idea for The Flat Belly Fix after a SWAT operation led to him getting a face full of pepper spray. He realized that the capsicum in the spray made him sweat like he was working out. He eventually found out that taking turmeric and other spices in a tea form could help burn calories without exercise.

    After Tara lost weight following his plan, he shared it with other friends. They all experienced great results and ultimately, convinced him to share the diet with the world.