Twelve's Planet has seen Dofus Kamas

For the last fifteen decades, Twelve's Planet has seen Dofus Kamas its fair share of minstrels and troubadours, poets as well as rock bands, each telling their stories of sorry and love, success and perseverance. Odes to personalities have been recited, songs about seemyools sounds shared into the four corners of the planet... all of this while, our player community has been a cradle of gifted scribes, supporting us to writings brimming with the wit and elegance of bards. We found scholars amongst you, who have pierced the realms of DOFUS lore! And as the years go on, the knowledge keeps growing.

What event would you explain? What key could you share, hidden in a poem that is metaphorical? What monumental trial did you go through which you would like to relay to others? What have you learned during your life of quests and trials as a fearless warrior (or farmer, these pesky monsters roaming the areas are not any joke)? Catch your composing instrument that is nicest and tells us your tale of epic proportions. We are, after all, currently celebrating 15 years of epic Homeric feats! The time has come to compose your Dofyssey. Get it? Dofyssey? No? Ok, don't worry, we all understand just how.

Fourteen days after the launch of DOFUS Retro, it's time to take a look in the rear-view mirror and also inform you about the origin of the project, but it's also the chance to get out our crystal ball and speak to you about the near future! This post can't be started by us without mentioning a big THANK YOU! You created this launch a success and we are infinitely grateful to  buy Kamas Dofus Retro you. This success is of fantastic importance to us, as it moves beyond the mere sense of gratification -- you will see that in the forthcoming paragraphs -- and we'd love to tell you your passion has a lasting effect on the strategy and investment we'll be undertaking.

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