In this article we show you everything you need to know about Binance, the fashion exchange , from how to open an account on the platform to how to request the application to list a cripmoneda.

Binance allows new users to be registered again. Register .

1 What is Binance
2 How to open an account in Binance
3 How to place an order in Binance
3.1 Create order at market price
3.2 Add order to a fixed or limit price
3.3 Add an order of stoplimit
4 Binance Coin (BNB), why?
4.1 Commissions
4.2 BNB Price
5 How to add your cryptocurrency to Binance
6 Binance Labs, what is it?
7 Conclusion
What is Binance?
Binanceis the most recent and popular exchange or exchange of cryptocurrencies of recent months, created by Changpeng Zhao (CEO of Binance, Founder of BijieTech and Co-founder of OKCoin), has consolidated within the top 10 talking about capital movement, the great growth What you have had is due more to your differentiation of listing not only the most popular but a large part of cryptocurrencies that you could only find in HitBTC or ETHDelta which are two decentralized exchanges that everyone tries to escape whenever possible, for its messy and scarce design, if you know them, you will think the same, and if not, you will think so, well let's continue with the reasons for growth of Binance as it is the incorporation of several languages, including Spanish :), a simple and intuitive interface, and the best,an incredibly high performance processing data.

Binance not only stays in exchange but also is an incubator and / or accelerator of blockchain-related projects that seek funding through an ICO, in which you can invest, if you want and interest, with the Binance tokens, the BNBs , which are quoted today at $ 1.56 when they were at $ 0.10 at the beginning of August. Many are on the moon ...

Binance not only has a web version but also has its native application on both Android and iOS.

Update 12/01/17: Binance reaches 1 million users on its platform.

Update 11/12/17: Incorporate the Stop-limit function in your orders.

Update 12/21/17: Binance enters the top 3 of the exchange with the most volume of BTC.

Update 12/23/17: Binance reaches 2 million users.

Update 11/01/18:  Binance exceeds 5 million users.

Next we will learn how to buy in Binance and how its ins and outs work:

How to open an account in Binance
Enter  Binance.com
If it is not in your language, select the flag of your country in the upper right
Click on the "Register" button
Fill in the form, enter a long password with numbers, lowercase, uppercase and symbols, this will make it safer:
binance record
Then you must verify your email by clicking on "Verify Email" in the mail, it does not take more than 30 seconds,
The first time you log in, you will be given a Popup to add the 2-factor Authentication from Google or SMS (now you can do it with a Spanish number), we recommend that you do this for greater security.
binance two factors google
!! Congratulations!! You can now deposit, withdraw, buy and sell cryptocurrencies in Binance.
Update 02/01/2017: You can now verify your account with Spanish numbers

How to place an order in Binance
Create order at market price
market price

To buy any cryptocurrency in Binance at market price we must enter the profile of each currency and select "Market" as in the image above.

The market price is based on the price of the last purchase or sale order that is shown where the arrow in the image above points.

Add order to a fixed or limit price
order limit binance

To make a limit order in Binance we have to check that we are in Limit, and in Price (1) we will add the price to which we want to buy or sell the cryptocurrency, in this case LTC. And in Quantity (2) we will add the quantity that we want to buy or sell and the total will automatically appear.

Add a stoplimit order
stop-limit binance

This function was recently added by Binance, to be exact on 11/12/2017. Undoubtedly, it manages to significantly improve the functions of the exchange.

To make a Stop-Limit order we must put Stop (1) which is the price that activates the order, Limit (2), is the purchase or sale price of the order and finally add to the quantity (3) that we want to buy or sell.

Binance Coin (BNB), why?
Binance is the first exchange to create its own tokens, in this case, BNB or Binance Coin, these tokens allow you to pay the different fees or fees when buying and selling or when withdrawing any cryance from Binance.

And not only that, but Binance gives you the possibility to pay the fees with BTC or BNB but when paying with BNB you are rewarded with 50% in all the platform's commissions during the first year, each year this discount percentage is It is reducing.

List of discounts per year of Binance:

binance discounts

BNB Price
Binance Coin (BNB) 
20.13 USD (-3.46%) 
0.00144269 BTC



$ 1.99 B USD VOLUME (24H) 

$ 252.08 M USD
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How to add your cryptocurrency to Binance
Binance has the option that any team that has developed its own ICO can incorporate its cryptocurrency to the exchange itself so that its investors start trading with that currency.

To add your currency to Binance you can request it using this form .

I leave a series of tips that advises the own team of Binance to ensure that your currency is added to the exchange.

Binance Labs, what is it?
Binance Labs is a platform that acts as an accelerator and incubator for seed projects (before the ICO) related to blockchain.

What they are:

A startup that helps other startups
Entrepreneurs who helping other entrepreneurs
Lovers and cryptographic believers who help other believers and lovers of cryptography
What they provide:

Advice and tutorials
Resources and tools
Lift-off platform
Listing in your exchange
Ideas, concepts and knowledge
If you are interested in applying to this incubator you will be interested to know that they are very interested in projects related to DEX or decentralized exchanges, bots or trading platforms, bigdata and content applications and blockchain-based chats.

To apply, fill out this form .

Binance is already one of the most used exchange of the crypto market, without having more than 1 year of life, is in the top 1 in the largest volume of capital of ETH / BTC, dances between positions 1, 2 and 3 of exchange that move More capital volume of the largest cryptocurrencies in just a few months, this is incredible.

Updated 12/27/17: Your BNB token already has a price of around 10 $, an increase of 5000% since it was born, an increase of its incredible capitalization when compared with tokens of other exchanges, even with cryptocurrencies with solid projects and ambitious. This means that this incredible exchange has a pretty solid and interesting future.