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1. Ejaculation Guru System

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Product Name: Ejaculation Guru 

Creator Name: Jack Grave
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Ejaculation Guru is a relevatory guide that teaches men on how to get rid of their premature ejaculation and last over 30 minutes in bed – naturally.

Many men have suffered at one time or another with premature ejaculation. It can cause major issues for both parties in a sexual relationship; leading to self perpetuating fears that performance is not good enough. Naturally this sexual anxiety inhibits sexual performance further, which only serves to exacerbate the problem. Until the release of this long awaited eBook; research has been lacking in this aspect of men’s health which is why it is so difficult to find a cure.

Who is the Creator of Ejaculation Guru?

Renowned for his extensive research into matters pertaining to the penis and its health, Jack Grave is the creator of this program. A professional sex advisor and coach, Grave has worked hard to create a system that aids performance and guarantees results. Like many people with PE, he grew tired of all the misinformation out there on the subject of premature ejaculation. He decided to invent his own solution to the common problem of coming too quickly.


When animals copulate, they do so in order to reproduce. As we know, despite our many fascinating and insightful attributes as a species, we are underneath it all just animals ourselves; and our most primitive urge is to procreate. The problem is we are hard wired to “pop” quickly in order to impregnate our females and so really it is no wonder that so many men suffer from ejaculation problems. We are culturally expected to “go for hours” because women conversely often take longer to climax. In addition to this, it is somehow deemed more manly to be able to satisfy the female need for closeness for longer periods of time.

Nature dictates that we finish up quickly and nurture that we can hold an erection for long periods of time, culminating in a spectacular finale.

Ejaculation Guru

The Ejaculation Guru Program

The program will show you a variety of methods; allowing you to last at least half an hour to provide the closeness essential to any physical relationship. Boasting this phenomenal feat is something that no other program has managed to achieve before and for this reason, Grave’s work is highly respected.

With an exceptional success rate of over 90% of buyers seeing a marked improvement in their or their partner’s performance, it is a highly effective method to combating PE and its negative impact on your relationship.

On average, no man usually lasts for more than around 7 minutes, which means that even if you manage to build up to 15 minutes of penetration, you will give your women extreme pleasure. However, if you do achieve the holy grail of exceeding the 30 minute barrier, your partner may well receive multiple orgasms. After long periods of PE leaving both you and your partner dissatisfied; both sexually and emotionally, imagine how you’ll feel when you see her achieving her optimum sexual satisfaction.

Why Is It Different?

Jack Grave highlights the two different prohibitors to prolonging the ejaculations; focusing on both the physical approach and the psychological approach. Attention to both of these barriers is beneficial because in most cases of PE these are the triggers. Grave explores the reasons each can manifest and introduces methods to combat each.

In offering multi approach solutions to this common, but emasculating issue, Jack Grave has some guidance for most people. Developed in such a way that the language was accessible to everyone, the book was easy to follow and a encourages a deep understanding of the “arousal levels”; which also serve as motivation to see the program through.

Non prescription

Because it’s an embarrassing problem, many men do not seek advice from their doctor. Anti-depressants can be combative but have side effects. Essentially millions of dollars a year are spent on solutions packaged as cures to premature ejaculation, but it persists to be a destructive factor in relationships. Nothing out there compares to this guide because it’s tried and tested, based on sound principles of scientific and psychological theory.

How does Ejaculation Guru work?

Starting off as a How To guide, the book discusses the prolific role masturbation can have in alleviating premature ejaculation. Grave suggests really mastering the art of control within this and offers tips and strategies for doing so. The book makes no false claims. Mastering your masturbation will help you last longer. Jack just teaches you how to do this effectively. One of the important keys to enjoying a more fulfilling sex life is to transform your approach to sex.

Of course, the book interrogates the psychological barriers to controlling ejaculations and Jack offers advice on how to deal with these effectively too. Ideally, a true guru himself will have mastered both and worked out how to integrate them; to not only last the longest but also have a greater understanding of your own body and your woman’s too. It also explores the relationship between setting and achieving realistic goals and focuses on breaking the plan down into steps; in order to see progress. After reading this guide, you will become the type of lover you have always wanted to be and the type your woman wants you to be.


What Do You Get?

Included in the valuable Ejaculation Guru eBook, you will receive advice and guidance from a relationship and sex advisor who knows the secrets to mastering PE. You will receive actionable guidance in achieving your sexual best and ultimately improving your performance.


In addition to these obvious points covered in the book, Jack explains the kind of factors women may have running through their heads and why they may actually like PE.

Jack often touches upon psychological approaches such as NLP, and incorporates exercises that build stamina, which offer several different solutions to this relationship issue. It examines the contributing factors women need to feel satisfied, not only sexually but emotionally too and the impact the PE could be having on several other factors within the relationship. Through his objective, therapists lens the book is really worth both partners reading through, since it offers guidance and understanding for men and women.


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