Jen Ferruggia's Bikini Body Workouts Review

By Jen Ferruggia


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Product Name: Bikini Body Workouts

Creator Name: Jen Ferruggia Bonus: Yes

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Bikini Body Workouts is an online system designed to get you in shape in as little as 60 days. I know, you’ve heard it before. I thought the exact same thing but as I began to look at the details of the program, I was pleasantly surprised and even thought to myself that this system could very well be one that provides exactly what it is they’re offering – a beach body in only a couple of weeks. And am I ever glad that I decided to bite the bullet and give it a shot, but don’t take my word for it. Just keep reading and you’ll quickly find out whether or not Bikini Body Workouts is for you.


If you’re ready to put in work that isn’t spending hours in the gym working out on boring cardio machines, Bikini Body Workouts is an online workout program you should certainly consider. This online system reveals the truth about actually achieving your weight loss goals and more importantly, how to do just that. And no, there’s no need to take some weird pill, potion or chant some voodoo spell. Instead, it’s all about exercises that are highly effective for losing weight and reshaping your body, and a diet that follows en suite. Don’t worry – you aren’t required to eat lettuce or limit your calories. You just learn how to eat better and specifically for when you’re training or “cheating”.

Now, before I get into the details of the program, it’s worth mentioning that the entire regime is online. This allows you to get started right away. You just download the program onto your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Another huge benefit to having the content on your devices is that you are able to work out whenever and wherever you are – so, no excuses. You’ll always have your nutritional guide and workout charts with you, which actually a great motivator for staying on track.

What is the content though, you ask?

Bikini Body Workouts is broken down into four different components, making it exceptionally easy to follow:

  • Workout Guide + Video Library
  • Nutrition Guide
  • Booty Blast Guide
  • Home Workouts Guide

Within each, you’ll find several charts, along with step-by-step instructions on what to do for each day, each week, each meal, etc. You also learn a lot about your health, nutrition, and fitness which I believe is a huge factor in succeeding. After all, you have to know what is and isn’t working for you, why you haven’t been able to lose weight all of this time, and of course, why the regime provided within this system will help you finally achieve the bikini body you’ve been dreaming of.

Another thing to notice about Bikini Body Workouts is that, although it does have a lot to do with working out – hence the name, it doesn’t completely forget about the nutritional side to losing weight. This is key because you can have the best workout system out there but if your diet is still out-of-whack, it’ll be hard to get the results you want. So, big kudos for that.

With all of that said, I understand that making a purchase online can still be intimidating. After all, anyone can create a system and pop it up online. Although this program certainly wasn’t created by “just someone” which I’ll talk about in just a moment, you’ll also be happy to know that the entire program comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. How’s that for confidence? It also helps that this program has been supported by several incredibly popular health and fitness platforms, such as ESPN, Shape, The Huffington Post, Live Strong Foundation, Hers and many more.


Bikini Body Workouts was created by Jen Ferruggia, a former professional athlete who has a Bachelor’s in Exercise Movement. Today, she has helped thousands of women achieve ultimate health and fitness.


This is the “main portion” of the program, and by that, I mean that it goes over the details of the program, providing you with all the information you need to succeed, along with valuable information about health, fitness and weight loss in general.

In addition to the information, you also receive workout charts that are broken down for each day and each week.


This section of the program has all the information you’re looking for. It also provides you with all the workouts to do, on which days, on which weeks and the different types of workouts to do and which ones to avoid – and why. And of course, there’s a frequently asked questions section that’ll answer anything else you’re curious about.


This portion of the program doesn’t let you forget about proper nutrition! Here you’ll find a ton of information about dieting and eating properly and specific to the days you’re training, as well as the days you’re resting. You also receive:

  • Daily eating schedule
  • Sample meals
  • Food preparation tips
  • Grocery shopping lists
  • Kitchen tips
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Much more


Just as the name reads, this section of the program provides you workouts that’ll give you a great butt! The best part? They only take 10 minutes to do! Each exercise comes with a detailed description on how to perform the movements properly, and you’re also provided with tips on what to do after you’ve finished your 21 days.


This guide provides you with detailed instructions, information, and workouts for the alternate days and weeks not mentioned in the main portion. For example, the first guide provides workouts for week 1 and 3, this one will provide you with the workouts for week 2 and 4, and so on and so forth.

All of the exercises are broken down into charts and for each day and week. So, you always know what the day has planned for you.


You also receive a video library where the creator shows you how to perform each movement mentioned in Bikini Body Blast. It’s like having a personal trainer spotting you – super awesome.


Bikini Body Workouts is like having a professional fitness trainer in the comfort of your own home and without having to fork over a fortune for their services. Plus, you get a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. So, what do you really have to lose by getting started, other than excess fat? Start today… Summer is fast approaching.

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