Impact of Biofield Treatment on Growth and Anatomical Characteristics of Pogostemon cablin (Benth.)

By Shrikant Patil1, Gopal Nayak1, Siddhivinayak Barve2, Rashmi Tembe2, Rummana Khan2

1. Trivedi Foundation 2. kelkar Education Trust's Scientific Research Centre

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Pogostemon cablin is a known aromatic plant which is cultivated for its essential oil widely applicated in perfumery and cosmetic industries. In the present study, the effect of biofield treatment was studied on the growth of P. cablin. For this study an in vitro culture system was set up in two groups, viz., control and treatment, each of which was derived from three different explant sources, namely leaf, node and petiole. Further these in vitro plantlets were hardened and transferred to external environment. The stomatal cells and epidermal hair growth were also studied at various morphogenetic stages. The study revealed that a single spell of biofield energy treatment produced significant increase in growth in treated group throughout all the morphogenetic phases from in vitro to in vivo level. A remarkable increase in stomatal cells and epidermal hair was also seen in treated group.


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  • Shrikant Patil; Gopal Nayak; Siddhivinayak Barve; Rashmi Tembe; Rummana Khan (2019), "Impact of Biofield Treatment on Growth and Anatomical Characteristics of Pogostemon cablin (Benth.),"

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