Todd Lamb's SpecForce Abs Review

By Elizabeth Warren


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Product Name: SpecForce Abs

Creator Name: Todd Lamb Bonus: Yes

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SpecForce Abs is a program that has been created to target the core and improve overall fitness. In these times of constant media bombardments about health and the rising obesity pandemic across the world, working on reducing belly fat and achieving a rock hard core have become focus for many people around the world.

This workout program has a different impact on men and women, but is applicable to each. There are natural differences between the way in which fat deposits in men and women, and as such SpecForce Abs does have variation and inclusivity in its ability to improve fitness for anyone who uses the program.

About SpecForce Abs

This program is a targeted, results driven program that can help anyone improve their cote fitness and get abs of steel. Created by Todd Lamb, a world renowned fitness expert and consultant, this program utilises years of expertise and knowledge in the fitness industry and sets to tear apart any suppositions that many people have following what they have been told about the ways to get abs of steel.

Arduous exercise regimens that include crunches and sit-up become a think of the past with this eBook, which aims to be a guide to really toning and cutting belly fat. As such, the evidence presented within its pages are contradictory to the principles claimed by many different training circles. Ultimately, Lamb wishes to clarify that there is so much more to achieving six pack abs than simply through exercise, or diet: it is a lifestyle choice too. Packed with a combination of dietary advice training, workouts, mindset exercises, this program helps you overhaul your lifestyle to achieve the figure you have always wanted.

Lamb addresses the fact that it is a commonly perceived myth that you need to workout for hours to achieve the abs you crave and indeed demystifies the truth behind years of research. Ostensibly, he thus claims that many people have followed the traditional heavy exercise and gruelling regimen of the old style of dieting and STILL not achieved what they desire. This is because shorter and higher intensity reps are more effective, as modern research has shown.

Key points of SpecForce Abs

The program is broken down into four progressive stages, which concentrate on building strength and stamina incrementally. As such, you begin with the Recon Phase, which contains a set of exercises to help you recondition your body to tolerating exercise in a way that it previously did not. This then progresses to the Alpha Phase, which is described as ‘Foundational Strength giving you the ability to recruit appropriate abdominal tissue and sequencing. This phase is considered to be central to peripheral muscular development, getting the body on a neutral plane, and developing positional awareness’.

Following this is the Bravo Phase, which is key to strength development out of neutral. This is the longest phase of the whole progression, and is not or the faint heated. It increases stress and demand on scapular/shoulder strength, abdominal strength and trunk strength/position, plus the mobility of hips/ shoulders. As such, this is a really transformational phases that can be used for preparatory work for Olympic lifting, and is popular by military persons.

The final phase, the Charlie Phase celebrates the full progression and total control of body and awareness. Once you enter this phase, you are really honing the techniques to keep that rock hard core for life!

What You’ll Get When You Purchase SpecForce Abs

It is more than a PDF with a few lectures on crunches! In fact, it will teach you to banish the crunches and move into more effective exercises. This revelatory system contains several detailed PDF documents and follow along charts to ensure that you are reaching your targtes. The real beauty of it is the accompanying video library, which gives guidance on each phase of your development.

Your ultimate prize will be the hard and toned body you have always wanted and the increased confidence and health that goes with this. However, you will gain access to several key documents, which are

  • The Main 115 page manual
  • A 3 page quick Start Guide, which shows an at-a-glance snapshot of what’s to come in the program and the associated workouts
  • The 18 page Fix and Flatten Your Gut eBook, which helps to melt of belly fat ad prepare your body for the hardcore exercise it is about to undertake
  • The Blue Jeans Butt Solution, a 9 page guide to working the glutes to achieve a trim, round butt

What are some advantages SpecForce Abs?

It is a multimedia program with a range of downloadable documents and video library, which means it can be accessed anywhere via smartphone, tablet or other digital device. Available almost immediately after purchase, this means no waiting around to get started on the phases.

Since the program was released some months ago, many testimonials from around the world demonstrate the effectiveness and success rate of the program. This, coupled with the credibility of the author act as reassurance that you are making a safe purchase.

In addition, the program is covered by a 60 day cooling off period or money back guarantee. This means that if you don’t feel satisfied with its contents within two months you can cancel the order and receive a full refund without query.

Due to its multimedia format, the program is personalised, accessible and varied, catering to the different learning styles. With tweaks for men and women, it is indiscriminate in its target audience and can benefit people from all different walks of life, different genders and age groups.

One of the major advantages of this program is its in-depth and prescriptive get started guide; allowing you to follow a set of rules should you need them.


SpecForce Abs is an easy to follow program, which contains everything you need to get the rock hard abs and flat belly of your dreams and furthermore it is available for a bargain price of just $37.

Do not hesitate to start your new life with an attractive body to be proud of. Click the “Add To Cart” button below and order your copy today!

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