By Rob Campbell

Purdue University

Run R scripts on high-performance computing resources.

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Version 1.2.6 - published on 19 Aug 2014

This tool is closed source.

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* Upload R scripts and data files from your workstation.
* Import previously uploaded or generated files from DiaGrid‘s hub storage space.
* Automatically extract imported archive files (.zip, .tar).
* Run an R script as a single, long running job which continues to execute – even if you log off or loose connection.
* Use a parallel R library in conjunction with your R script to run on multiple processors.
* Set up a job to create multiple, simultaneous runs that sweep over a range of parameter(s).
* Receive email notification when your job has finished.
* Specify an additional R script to perform post-processing of job results (collect data, render graphs).
* Automatically display generated PDFs.
* Download or save results and files in an archive.
* Get help from tooltips and links to documentation.
* View available R version and libraries.

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