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  1. Blast GUI Mockup JAR

    22 Sep 2011 | Contributor(s): Christopher Thompson

    A simple Java program showing a mockup of the GUI design ideas for the BLAST tool.Includes: * Overview tab * New search submission tab * Running search tab * Finished search tab

  2. SubmitR Demo II Calendar Entry

    24 Jan 2013 | Contributor(s): Nikki H

    Calendar entry for the SubmitR Demo in February

  3. DiaGrid Logo and Graphics

    13 Sep 2013 | Contributor(s):

    Within the zip file are the DiaGrid logo and the circular graphic from the front page.

  4. Sample R Scripts for Text Mining Example 1 (Complete Works of Shakespeare)

    29 Sep 2014 | Contributor(s): Kimberley A Dillman

    This is the zip file that contains the data file (Complete Works of William Shakespeare) and sample R scripts to generate a word cloud and heat map for Example 1 on using R for text data analysis.

  5. FRESCO - The Open Data Repository for Workloads and Failures in Large-scale Computing Clusters

    11 Nov 2015 | Contributor(s): Charles Schwarz, Stephen Harrell, Suhas Raveesh Javagal, Saurabh Bagchi, Subrata Mitra

    The Fresco open failure data repository for computer site and machine failures for large scale clusters is an effort from the Dependable Computing Systems Laboratory (DCSL) research group of Purdue University with the support of NSF (grants CNS-1405906, CNS-1513197). The data is collected...

  6. Modifying BLASTer to Help Make Observing Protein and Nucleotide Sequences Easier

    29 Jul 2016 | Contributor(s): Paul Thomas Steele

     This poster by student employee Paul Steele documents his work during the summer of 2016 as a participant in the Discovery Park Undergraduate Research Internship (DURI) program.  Paul was tasked over a ten week period to overhaul how BLASTer handles output files and to improve the...